Tyre Bead Breaker

Operating Instructions


1. Completely deflate the tyre by removing the valve.
2. Adjust the Bead Breaker to the correct rim size, size found on tyre
(see figure 1).
3. When the wheel is completely deflated, place on secure flat surface.
4. Standing on the wheel, locate the bead breaker across the center of the rim at the same time apply pressure (see figure 2) a. with foot to locate foot tab (see tool breakdown, figure 3), b. with hands on both of the tool handles.
5. Keeping the two handles together, apply pressure to force the jaws
between rim and tyre (figure 4).
Warning: The tyre wall may be damaged if full pressure is applied to
the long handle before the jaws are forced all the way under the wheel rim and onto the tyre bead.
6. Now the jaws are in place, keep outward pressure on the shorter
handle and push the long handle outwards, forcing the tyre away from the wheel rim.
7. Now turn the wheel over and repeating the process for the other side of the tyre.
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